Margaree Overlook

I’m not sure how we found this spot; maybe there was a sign indicating the cemetery we found, and that drew me to drive in. Just outside of Margaree, this overlook gave us our first glance of the rugged cliffs that are so prevalent in Cape Breton. The top view looks south, and then we turned to experience quickly changing weather causing the clouds to race across the sky, while we stood in this grassy field.




Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium

One of the landmark attractions in Chicago we did not visit on the inside, was the Adler Planetarium. This venue was the first planetarium in the United States, built in 1930. Scientists in Germany designed the projection device that would display a replica of the night sky. Max Adler, a prominent Chicago businessman of the Sears, Roebuck Company, had the foresight to invest in building this planetarium in Chicago to benefit its present and future citizens. My next trip to Chicago will include a starry, starry tour.

Seattle Skyline

My nephew’s wedding was to be in the Seattle area, so it made a perfect opportunity for a vacation to the Pacific Northwest. I had never been to that area, so it was a treat. Seattle is a great city! So vibrant with lots to do and see. If you are VERY lucky, when you go up in the Space Needle you see a phenomenal addition to the skyline…Mount Rainier…14,000 feet high and 80 miles away.

Putney Morning

An overnight stay at a friend’s farmhouse in Vermont had me on the pull out couch in the living room. There was a steady rain when we all went to bed, but in the early morning I woke up to a beautiful sky to the East coming in the window. Sunrise was in 20 minutes, and no one else was up, so after a quick shower and before coffee, I was out in the back yard with camera and tripod.