La Seigneurie de l’Île d’Orleans

On a day trip out from Quebec City, we came to stroll the gardens, but the only one available for visitors was Lavender. The timing was perfect, as we were there 10 days before the crop would be harvested for the season. There are 75,000 lavender bushes, with plenty of butterflies and bees to keep them pollinated. This beautiful location is used for weddings, too!







Easter Lamb

Easter Lamb

Since we had a family dinner on Saturday, Easter Sunday was free and clear. A road trip to Old Sturbridge Village was a pleasant diversion. Not too much traffic, a beautiful day, and a happy ending with my first soft ice cream cone of the year. We had hoped to see a little more color, but the flowers weren’t out and about yet. Instead, we were greeted by several baby lambs (I think that’s redundant). Most of the lambs were exploring, but this little one was settled down to a nap.

Draft Horse

Draft Horse

The draft horse was the more expensive, yet more efficient option for work animals on the farm in the 1800’s. Oxen were cheap labor, but the draft horses worked much faster, and were easier for one person to handle. As time progressed, and there was less labor on the farm to manage the animals, the horses were the animal of choice…until the tractor came along.