Another reference to Scotland, as we stopped in Inverness. It was brief, but the waves, the sky, the beach and its pretty stones were a photo moment 🙂



Port Hood


We made it to what I consider the ultimate destination in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton. Our first stop on a whirlwind 275 mile day trip around Cape Breton found us in Port Hood. It sits on the Ceilidh (Kay-lee) Trail, and has lots of sandy beaches on St. George’s Bay – the warmest waters of Eastern Canada…I did not test it. Just off the coast is Port Hood Island, which has become a place for summer residents only.

Shady Garden

Daisy Variety

We were told the shady garden was just outside the admission office/gift shop of the Berkshire Botanical Garden. Being late morning and the peak of summer, shady spots were few and far between, but I was able to find this pair of daisies (?) grabbing as much shade as they could. The blossom standing front and center wasn’t getting much shade, but maybe it will get a turn later in the day as the sun shifts position…well, technically it’s the earth that shifts. 🙂

Gardener’s Weathervane

Garden Shed Weathervane

Just when we thought we had seen all of the Berkshire Botanical Garden, we wandered over to some hidden garden beds. This brought us closer to one of the garden sheds, and I saw the weathervane on top. Now everyone has seen rooster weathervanes, and I have seen a cow weathervane on top of a dairy barn; it stands to reason that a gardener’s weathervane would be a shovel!