Cape Breton Highlands National Park

And these moments are why we we came…all 3,300 miles round trip…to see and drive through the Cape Breton Highlands and capture these views. I have never had a trip exceed my expectations as much as this drive. The wow factor was in full effect – rich colors and stunning surroundings; I want to return and experience it again.





Still Standing

Great Oak

The George Landis Arboretum is the home of the Great Oak tree, which is estimated to be 450 years old. It has taken a beating over the centuries, and most recently in 2011, Hurricane Irene a major branch was snapped off. The tree endures under the watchful eye of Landis arborists.

City Oasis

A glance at this photo does not render the typical vision of a walk through NYC. The Bow Bridge is one on many to be found in Central Park, a much needed oasis in the urban confines of Manhattan. Having open air green space is a quality of life necessity that has been recognized for hundreds of years. “Play” is an important part of living, and parks provide the open space needed for social activities such as sports, concerts, and just relaxation from the daily grind.

Central Park View

On a day trip to NYC, a stroll through Central Park led to Belvedere Castle. The observation deck provides views in almost any direction, of the park and surrounding city. After climbing down out of the castle which is located in the center of the park, it was a debate as to which path to follow to get to our next destination.