Chicago River

Chicago River

The Chicago River winds its way right through the center of downtown. The evening sun produced some pretty reflections.


Meneely Bell

Chicago Meneely Bell

Connections to the past and to my roots always fascinate me. While on vacation last year in Seattle, I found a cannon made in factory near home, that my uncle and grandfather had worked at. This year’s discovery in Chicago, was a 1920 bell made in Troy, NY. The Meneely Bell Foundry was founded in 1826, and has made bells for Cornell University, West Point, and in Independence Hall as a replacement for the Liberty Bell. This bell on the Michigan Avenue bridge, was one of about 60 bells ordered by the City of Chicago in the 1920’s to use as alarm bells at many of the bridges over the Chicago River.

Another View of the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Nighttime

Since it was my daughter’s birthday, she had dibs on what we would see on a one day venture in NYC. Now, I have taken several pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge, so it wasn’t really on my list of places…but well worth it. We trekked down through the Fulton Street area to the South Street Seaport. Such a sad and empty place after the effects of Hurricane Sandy, but we were able to climb up to the second story of the Seaport building and get a lovely evening view of the bridge…including a full moon…bonus!

Deception Pass Bridge

As we traveled along the main north/south route on Widbey Island in Puget Sound, we saw signs for Deception Pass…quite an ominous name! Back in 1792, explorer George Vancouver gave it the name “Deception” because it had misled him into thinking Whidbey Island was a peninsula. In the 1800’s, the area was known for smuggling. The bridge was not built until 1935.