Bozen Kill Spray


The Bozen Kill travels parallel to Bozenkill Road, where I lived and raised my family for about 25 years. I’ve moved, but not too far, and was able to sit along the “Bozey” and reminisce…


Watch Your Step…Crevice Ahead


While hiking along the trail to High Point, watch where you step! As pretty as they are with their moss covering, a misstep could have you stumbling into one of these crevices when you least expect it. While researching what causes them, I discovered the history of their evolution. High Point is part of the Helderberg Escarpment, which is made of limestone. Limestone erodes over time due to water, and the proximity of the crevices to trees, indicates the tree roots took that erosion up a notch causing cracks. Continued rainwater flowing into the cracks not only expanded the cracks into these significant crevices, the dampness became a breeding ground for the lovely green moss.

First Shot of the Morning

Mount Greylock First Shot

When I found out we could DRIVE to the top of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts, it was a no-brainer. The morning was cool, breezy, and very sunny! When I upload photos to my computer, I use a naming convention that includes the date, the shoot, and a 3-digit number. This was shot “20140706-MountGreylock-001”. I couldn’t believe with the brilliant early morning sky, I was able to get a well-exposed shot on the first try!

Trail Marker

Trail Marker

I have a co-worker who hikes a significant portion of the Appalachian Trail every summer. I’ve been to a visitor center in West Virginia, and crossed its path many places while in the car, but after the is weekend, I can say I “hiked” part of the trail…even if it was just the path to the War Memorial at the top of Mount Greylock.

Trying to Beat the Sun

Kaaterskill Falls

Three years ago, I took up photography with the encouragement of a new friend. He has taught me many tricks and methods, including good light. Well, good light at Kaaterskills Falls comes pretty early in the morning on long summer days. After heavy rains this past week, and a beautiful day on tap, I tried getting there early. I arrived to a fabulous show by Bastion Falls at the beginning of the trail, and was quickly side-tracked taking shots from the road. I shook off the distraction, and knowing I had to beat the sun, headed up the trail to the Kaaterskill Falls. The sun was just peaking over the tree tops, and I wrestled as I edited this photo. At least the water was running well and I beat the crowd.