Tri Colored Heron

Tri Colored Heron

Amazing…that’s how I would describe the variety of brilliant colors on display by the water birds at Wakodahatchee Wetlands.  The blues on this tricolored heron are stunning. As you can see he likes to show off his plumage…not sure if it was for the visitors or for the other birds.




I have been to Florida two years in a row, and will probably be heading back each year as my sister retired there. How convenient to have family live in nice places! Well for both of these visits, the Anhinga has been my favorite bird. I just love the eye color, bright beak and black and white wings. As evening was approaching the birds were settling into trees, and I found this bird perfectly framed through the branches.

Green Heron Eggs

Green Heron

During a week-long visit to Florida, I visited Wakodahatchee Wetlands several times. Near the beginning of the boardwalk, visitors were enthralled with a green heron and its nest. Everyone wanted a chance to see the eggs. On my last visit of the week, as I was leaving, the heron stood up long enough for me to capture this photo, then was back to nesting. I wish the new family well.

Minerva’s Owl in Herald Square

Herald Square Owl

Herald Square in NYC has been transformed into a tiny peaceful green space  in the heart of the surrounding busy shopping area of 34th Street. Herald Square is dedicated to the New York Herald newspaper, founded by James Gordon Bennett in 1835. An owl was on the original masthead of the newspaper. The Herald building (now demolished) had the statue, now located in Herald Square, of Minerva, her owls, and the bell-ringers on its roof.

Celia’s Garden

I took an educational cruise to the Isle of Shoals, sponsored by the University of New Hampshire. One of the most beautiful spots was the garden of Celia Thaxter on Appledore Island. Celia grew up on the islands, in the 1800’s, and helped her father run a hotel there. She described her garden in books and poetry, and the garden has been revived to a beautiful place based on those descriptions.