Landmark Status

Three individual components of Wrigley Field can’t be changed as they have landmark status:

The marquee entrance sign:

Wrigley Field Marquee

The ivy-covered outfield wall:

Center Field Wall

The manual scoreboard:

Manual Scoreboard


Clark and Addison

Addison And Clark

Wrigley Field opened in 1914, the seconded oldest ball park aside from Fenway Park. It isn’t large, and it wasn’t “Wrigley” field until 1927. It is squeezed into the local north side Chicago neighborhood at the corner of Clark and Addison.

Friendly Confines

Friendly Confines

I’ve never been to a major league baseball game. We decided a trip to Wrigley Field would be the perfect spot to start…it’s all about the history. We did a tour of the ball park before the game, and what an interesting place! So much tradition is kept in tact here. Between the tour and the game, I felt like we were at a neighborhood game, not a major league event. It was great fun, especially since the Cubs won 🙂 The term “friendly confines” was coined by Ernie Banks, as it was always good to get home to Wrigley field after a road trip. The Cubs players, staff, and fans make it a friendly place too, confined in a  classic Chicago neighborhood.