House from Barn

House From Barn

Old Sturbridge Village is a re-creation of a typical New England village in the 1830’s. Various representations of family life are depicted. I don’t know if it was typical to be able to keep an eye on the house from the barn, but I thought this shot of the house from the barn window(?) made a neat image.


Pierce’s Hall

This beautiful brick building, in East Putney VT, known as Pierce’s Hall was erected in 1831, as a Methodist meeting house. In 1842, the Hall was sold to Leroy Pierce, “who used it for storage of corn, and kept sheep underneath the building.”  Around 1881, the building was refurbished for use as a meeting house.  The East Putney Community Club  used it as a community hall for many activities, and in the mid-1970s, a group of dancers started a regular dance there that has continued to the present, with monthly contra and square dancing events. The day I visited, the sun would not stay out for long, but I managed to capture a shot at the right time that shows off the locally made bricks and my favorite part…a pretty reflection in the window.