Cape Breton Highlands National Park

And these moments are why we we came…all 3,300 miles round trip…to see and drive through the Cape Breton Highlands and capture these views. I have never had a trip exceed my expectations as much as this drive. The wow factor was in full effect – rich colors and stunning surroundings; I want to return and experience it again.





Roses Close to Home

Orange Rose

For the past 2 years, I have ventured to Yaddo in Saratoga Springs in June to capture photos in the beautiful rose garden. This past weekend I was reminded there is a rose garden in Schenectady’s Central Park, much closer to home! I went in the late afternoon, hoping the harsh light of a sunny day would be under control. The colors were marvelous, although many blossoms were past their prime. As I hunted around, I found some lovely samples for this year’s rose photos.