Quebec – the “Old City”

Quebec City, founded as a French colony in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, was selected for its perfect location along the St. Lawrence River. From a ferry ride across that river, the old city’s walls, charm, and vibrance are as beautifully real as the images portray.






Perpetual Memorial

Memorial Topper

The beacon in the War Memorial at the top of Mount Greylock, is meant to perpetually shine in memory of men and women lost in World War I originally, and now all U.S. military personnel losses. It is powered by three 1,500-watt bulbs and can be seen up to 70 miles away. The beacon is extinguished three to four times a year – during Spring and Fall bird migrations, and Summer “star parties”. Our visit was in the early morning, and the sun provided some natural light…

Another View of the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Nighttime

Since it was my daughter’s birthday, she had dibs on what we would see on a one day venture in NYC. Now, I have taken several pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge, so it wasn’t really on my list of places…but well worth it. We trekked down through the Fulton Street area to the South Street Seaport. Such a sad and empty place after the effects of Hurricane Sandy, but we were able to climb up to the second story of the Seaport building and get a lovely evening view of the bridge…including a full moon…bonus!

Hike to the Fireworks

Just above the Village of Altamont, is a little hike to a spot know as High Point. It is an easy 1 mile hike with lots to see…generally in the daytime, as the drop-off is extreme at the end of the trail. Fireworks at the Altamont Fair were announced, so what an opportunity. It is all in the timing, but I think I managed to get several good shots.

Shooting Star?

I decided to experiment with shooting the night sky as it was such a clear night. It was a last minute decision, so I went out on my back deck where the conditions are not the the best. The ambient light from my surroundings interferes with the brilliance of the stars against the dark night sky. I was able to get some interesting shots anyway, and it appears I caught a shooting star during this 30 second exposure.