Another reference to Scotland, as we stopped in Inverness. It was brief, but the waves, the sky, the beach and its pretty stones were a photo moment 🙂





I am not sure what the fascination is with lighthouses, but I managed to photograph several during my trip to Maine. I suppose the interesting architecture, the history, and the proximity to the sea draws many people, time and time again.

Edge of the Sea

A visit to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge was another learning experience during my trip to Maine. The nature trail was well marked with brief, yet informative descriptions of the different features of a salt marsh. Stop 11 was called the Edge of the Sea, because all parts of the salt marsh could be viewed from this spot… from the “critical edge” through creeks,salt pannes, marsh grass, and beach, out to the ocean.

Celia’s Garden

I took an educational cruise to the Isle of Shoals, sponsored by the University of New Hampshire. One of the most beautiful spots was the garden of Celia Thaxter on Appledore Island. Celia grew up on the islands, in the 1800’s, and helped her father run a hotel there. She described her garden in books and poetry, and the garden has been revived to a beautiful place based on those descriptions.