La Seigneurie de l’Île d’Orleans

On a day trip out from Quebec City, we came to stroll the gardens, but the only one available for visitors was Lavender. The timing was perfect, as we were there 10 days before the crop would be harvested for the season. There are 75,000 lavender bushes, with plenty of butterflies and bees to keep them pollinated. This beautiful location is used for weddings, too!







Cape Breton Highlands National Park

And these moments are why we we came…all 3,300 miles round trip…to see and drive through the Cape Breton Highlands and capture these views. I have never had a trip exceed my expectations as much as this drive. The wow factor was in full effect – rich colors and stunning surroundings; I want to return and experience it again.




Margaree Overlook

I’m not sure how we found this spot; maybe there was a sign indicating the cemetery we found, and that drew me to drive in. Just outside of Margaree, this overlook gave us our first glance of the rugged cliffs that are so prevalent in Cape Breton. The top view looks south, and then we turned to experience quickly changing weather causing the clouds to race across the sky, while we stood in this grassy field.



Port Hood


We made it to what I consider the ultimate destination in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton. Our first stop on a whirlwind 275 mile day trip around Cape Breton found us in Port Hood. It sits on the Ceilidh (Kay-lee) Trail, and has lots of sandy beaches on St. George’s Bay – the warmest waters of Eastern Canada…I did not test it. Just off the coast is Port Hood Island, which has become a place for summer residents only.

Latitude: 45.874111, Longitude: -61.9005


Ah…my trusty GPS helped us find many lighthouses when all we had were the latitude and longitude degrees. Adding a label to the point, gave a friendly name to the place we were headed. Leaving Halifax we headed northeast toward Cape George…ahem..after a wrong turn back towards Port George where we had been a few days earlier! Oops…

The high vantage point of the Cape George Lighthouse and its lovely surroundings, provide a sweeping view of St. George’s Bay. And, if you are lucky, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island in the distance.

First Shot of the Morning

Mount Greylock First Shot

When I found out we could DRIVE to the top of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts, it was a no-brainer. The morning was cool, breezy, and very sunny! When I upload photos to my computer, I use a naming convention that includes the date, the shoot, and a 3-digit number. This was shot “20140706-MountGreylock-001”. I couldn’t believe with the brilliant early morning sky, I was able to get a well-exposed shot on the first try!