Bozen Kill Spray


The Bozen Kill travels parallel to Bozenkill Road, where I lived and raised my family for about 25 years. I’ve moved, but not too far, and was able to sit along the “Bozey” and reminisce…


New and Improved Waterfall

Bastion Falls

Now I don’t mean the waterfall was new and improved, although the flow of water on this visit to Bastion Falls was more impressive than my last visit. I see an improvement in my photography skills over the years as I revisit places I went during the first year I took up photography as a serious hobby.

Trying to Beat the Sun

Kaaterskill Falls

Three years ago, I took up photography with the encouragement of a new friend. He has taught me many tricks and methods, including good light. Well, good light at Kaaterskills Falls comes pretty early in the morning on long summer days. After heavy rains this past week, and a beautiful day on tap, I tried getting there early. I arrived to a fabulous show by Bastion Falls at the beginning of the trail, and was quickly side-tracked taking shots from the road. I shook off the distraction, and knowing I had to beat the sun, headed up the trail to the Kaaterskill Falls. The sun was just peaking over the tree tops, and I wrestled as I edited this photo. At least the water was running well and I beat the crowd.

Warm November

This late November weekend, the weather was unusually warm, so I left the housework and yard work behind to take a little drive. I enjoy local hikes and have heard of the Huyck Preserve many times. What a treat to be outside wearing just a light sweatshirt instead of being bundled up in hats and mittens. I spent so much time taking different shots of this waterfall, there were some folks lined up behind me waiting their turn…lots of people had the same idea to get out and enjoy it while we can….

911 Memorial

During a recent trip to NYC, I made the point to see the 911 Memorial. Visitors must reserve a timed pass ahead of time, and go through airport-like security, but it was worth the extra steps to experience this moving tribute. The memorial design encompassing the footprints of the 2 fallen towers, the infinite waterfalls, and all the names engraved and lighted, made for a reflective place, regardless of the weather, construction, and other city noise.

Random Afternoon

I haven’t taken a week long vacation in over six months, but I get 4 weeks off every year. Instead, I’ve made the point to extend the weekend with random days off. I always wish for good weather, but Mother Nature doesn’t check my schedule. This past weekend was miserable, but my random Monday off turned into a nice afternoon. By the time I was ready to take a ride, it was late in the day. Daylight is disappearing quickly with the shorter days of fall, so I ended up close to home again. The overlook at Thacher Park didn’t provide much interest, so I wandered down to one of the picnic areas by the Mine Lot Creek that runs through park, and found this gentle waterfall.