Into the Woods


After plodding through some open fields and past the Great Oak, we turned onto Woodland Trail at Landis Arboretum. We weren’t the first ones through with snowshoes, but the powdery snow wasn’t completely packed down. Good exercise, for sure! As I turned around to see where we’d traversed, I could see we were surrounded – it felt like we’d entered Narnia…


Detail Matters

Saratoga Stirrup

As part of the backstretch tour at Saratoga Race Course, we were introduced to one of the stars of the day. The race horse (I’ve forgotten his name) is decked out with the finest equipment, including finely stamped leather on his saddle, and a detailed pattern on the stirrup. Not sure if the horse appreciates the detail, but it makes for an impressive emsemble.

Working Horse

Saratoga Work Horse

A morning tour of Saratoga Race Course, includes a visit to the backstretch area, where we could be up close and personal with the horse racing crowd. Now I don’t mean the owners, bettors and party folk found in the grandstand and clubhouse; I am talking about the workers, jockeys, trainers, and horses. This fellow has the powerful look of a former race horse, but his well-worn blanket and saddle, along with the two-way radio tell me he’s earning a living on security detail.

The Birthplace of College Football

I did my homework once I knew I was going to a football game at Rutgers University in New Jersey. I know enough football basics to follow a game, but I had never been to a game in person. Rutgers defeated Princeton in the first intercollegiate football game ever played in 1869. It established a tradition of quality football, competitiveness, and school spirit that permeates into anyone attending a game. Rutgers was the perfect place for me to attend my very first college football game. I am hooked 🙂

Rutgers Scarlet Knight

When I was invited to a Rutgers Football game, I had no idea of the pageantry that would take place before the game ever started. Outside the stadium was a street fair atmosphere, where I received a red “R” tattoo on my cheek, witnessed a sea of people in red shirts (hard to keep track of friends!), and a parade by the marching band and the “real” Rutgers Scarlet Knight. When watching a game on television, all you see are the actual football plays, the commentators, and commercials. There is no comparison between a game on TV and the entire college football experience. What fun!!