We spent quite a bit of time with this little guy, trying to get a good photo with the macro lens. He didn’t hold still for long, but this shot had him looking right at me, so I gave him a name.


Easter Lamb

Easter Lamb

Since we had a family dinner on Saturday, Easter Sunday was free and clear. A road trip to Old Sturbridge Village was a pleasant diversion. Not too much traffic, a beautiful day, and a happy ending with my first soft ice cream cone of the year. We had hoped to see a little more color, but the flowers weren’t out and about yet. Instead, we were greeted by several baby lambs (I think that’s redundant). Most of the lambs were exploring, but this little one was settled down to a nap.

Detail Matters

Saratoga Stirrup

As part of the backstretch tour at Saratoga Race Course, we were introduced to one of the stars of the day. The race horse (I’ve forgotten his name) is decked out with the finest equipment, including finely stamped leather on his saddle, and a detailed pattern on the stirrup. Not sure if the horse appreciates the detail, but it makes for an impressive emsemble.

Working Horse

Saratoga Work Horse

A morning tour of Saratoga Race Course, includes a visit to the backstretch area, where we could be up close and personal with the horse racing crowd. Now I don’t mean the owners, bettors and party folk found in the grandstand and clubhouse; I am talking about the workers, jockeys, trainers, and horses. This fellow has the powerful look of a former race horse, but his well-worn blanket and saddle, along with the two-way radio tell me he’s earning a living on security detail.

Minerva’s Owl in Herald Square

Herald Square Owl

Herald Square in NYC has been transformed into a tiny peaceful green space  in the heart of the surrounding busy shopping area of 34th Street. Herald Square is dedicated to the New York Herald newspaper, founded by James Gordon Bennett in 1835. An owl was on the original masthead of the newspaper. The Herald building (now demolished) had the statue, now located in Herald Square, of Minerva, her owls, and the bell-ringers on its roof.