The Birthplace of College Football

I did my homework once I knew I was going to a football game at Rutgers University in New Jersey. I know enough football basics to follow a game, but I had never been to a game in person. Rutgers defeated Princeton in the first intercollegiate football game ever played in 1869. It established a tradition of quality football, competitiveness, and school spirit that permeates into anyone attending a game. Rutgers was the perfect place for me to attend my very first college football game. I am hooked 🙂


Rutgers Scarlet Knight

When I was invited to a Rutgers Football game, I had no idea of the pageantry that would take place before the game ever started. Outside the stadium was a street fair atmosphere, where I received a red “R” tattoo on my cheek, witnessed a sea of people in red shirts (hard to keep track of friends!), and a parade by the marching band and the “real” Rutgers Scarlet Knight. When watching a game on television, all you see are the actual football plays, the commentators, and commercials. There is no comparison between a game on TV and the entire college football experience. What fun!!