Cape Breton Highlands National Park

And these moments are why we we came…all 3,300 miles round trip…to see and drive through the Cape Breton Highlands and capture these views. I have never had a trip exceed my expectations as much as this drive. The wow factor was in full effect – rich colors and stunning surroundings; I want to return and experience it again.





Arisaig Replica


We pulled into Arisaig Provincial Park hoping that was the location of Arisaig Lighthouse. While there was a lovely picnic area and overlook, no lighthouse in the park. But wait… from the overlook, we could see the lighthouse in the distance, just down the road a piece. Some of the lighthouses we found, like this one, were replicas of ones that were destroyed over the years. While its light is no longer, its weathervane is a reminder of the lobstering that takes place in this area, and there was ice cream for sale inside 🙂

Walton Harbour Lighthouse


The placement of the Walton Harbour Lighthouse guided commercial ships entering the harbour to pick up their load of gypsum from the local quarry. When the quarry closed in 1978, and the commercial shipping to the area halted, the light was permanently extinguished. In the early 1990’s the lighthouse was restored and the grounds were developed into a lovely picnic area and trail.