Samuel F. B. Morse – Landscape Artist

Locust Grove Floral Orange

In planning a day trip to the Hudson Valley, my sights were set on the historic home of Samuel F. B. Morse. A lover of history, I was delighted to discover Morse had a completely different interest aside from his well-known work as the inventor of the telegraph. Morse started out as an portrait artist, studying at Yale and the Royal Academy in England. His career progressed with  commissioned paintings, but his fascination with the need for rapid, long distance communication led him to drop art and pursue his invention of the telegraph. The invention made Morse a wealthy man; he purchased Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie, and began to re-visit his interest in art. The Hudson Valley was full of artists, including Thomas Cole, the father of landscape painting. Morse used his artistic talent in the design of landscape gardens which he considered a form of art.


Art of Landscape Gardening

Locust Grove Floral Purple

I thought this photo of flowers I found in the landscape gardens at Locust Grove produced a painterly effect. (and it wasn’t the photoshop editing.) Quite appropriate for a visit to a place dedicated to the art of landscape gardening.

Trying to Beat the Sun

Kaaterskill Falls

Three years ago, I took up photography with the encouragement of a new friend. He has taught me many tricks and methods, including good light. Well, good light at Kaaterskills Falls comes pretty early in the morning on long summer days. After heavy rains this past week, and a beautiful day on tap, I tried getting there early. I arrived to a fabulous show by Bastion Falls at the beginning of the trail, and was quickly side-tracked taking shots from the road. I shook off the distraction, and knowing I had to beat the sun, headed up the trail to the Kaaterskill Falls. The sun was just peaking over the tree tops, and I wrestled as I edited this photo. At least the water was running well and I beat the crowd.