At Rest

At Rest

This piece of farm equipment appears to be at rest for the Winter….actually, it may be more like forever. It looks very handsome against the white snow, and makes a good conversation piece – can you say lawn ornament? 🙂


Still Standing

Great Oak

The George Landis Arboretum is the home of the Great Oak tree, which is estimated to be 450 years old. It has taken a beating over the centuries, and most recently in 2011, Hurricane Irene a major branch was snapped off. The tree endures under the watchful eye of Landis arborists.

Into the Woods


After plodding through some open fields and past the Great Oak, we turned onto Woodland Trail at Landis Arboretum. We weren’t the first ones through with snowshoes, but the powdery snow wasn’t completely packed down. Good exercise, for sure! As I turned around to see where we’d traversed, I could see we were surrounded – it felt like we’d entered Narnia…