Detail Matters

Saratoga Stirrup

As part of the backstretch tour at Saratoga Race Course, we were introduced to one of the stars of the day. The race horse (I’ve forgotten his name) is decked out with the finest equipment, including finely stamped leather on his saddle, and a detailed pattern on the stirrup. Not sure if the horse appreciates the detail, but it makes for an impressive emsemble.


Working Horse

Saratoga Work Horse

A morning tour of Saratoga Race Course, includes a visit to the backstretch area, where we could be up close and personal with the horse racing crowd. Now I don’t mean the owners, bettors and party folk found in the grandstand and clubhouse; I am talking about the workers, jockeys, trainers, and horses. This fellow has the powerful look of a former race horse, but his well-worn blanket and saddle, along with the two-way radio tell me he’s earning a living on security detail.

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

I found myself on the Hudson River School Art Trail after a visit to Thomas Cole’s home in Catskill. The settings for several paintings have been mapped out for us modern day travelers. One of the locations was in the city of Hudson at Promenade Park, for a view of Mount Merino, as painted by Sanford R. Gifford. I had the chance to get another lighthouse photo, but these Hudson River School painters of the early to mid-19th century didn’t have that opportunity, since the lighthouse was not built until 1874.