Everyone Has a Favorite

Ready for Tulip Fest

The variety of tulips on display every Spring (hopefully just in time for Tulip Fest), in Washington Park, seems endless. The shapes, sizes, and colors create a brilliant display. I showed several photos to some friends through Facebook and Flickr, and for as many photos I posted, I got that many different likes and comments.


Catching the Morning Dew

Red Tulip with Dew

I have heard of photographers bringing along a spray bottle to get water droplet effects. Not me…the day was perfect for an early morning visit to the park. Even though sunrise was at 5:40, there was dew left on the flowers at 7am. The rich red color of this bed of tulips struck me a very formal.

Sunday Morning in Altamont

Altamont In The Morning

The day before I took this photo, Altamont was buzzing with the activity of a village wide garage sale. As the evening wore on, things quieted down, but there was some great live music at the local art studio. While sitting in the studio, I glanced out the door and saw the street signs framed by the pink blossoms; I knew I had to get up early Sunday morning. By 7:15 am, I was standing on the stoop of the studio getting this shot…Altamont is kind of a magic place, and that’s why I live here.