Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget

Empire State Building

Words that are not heard too often these days…the Empire State Building was completed 3 months ahead of schedule and 40% under budget. An earnest competition was brewing in NYC for the title of the world’s tallest building. The Empire State Building held the title from its completion in 1931, until 1972.


Flat Iron

Flat Iron Building

In NYC, Broadway cuts diagonally across several blocks causing triangle shaped  pieces of property. The term flatiron refers to the resemblance to an old cast-iron clothes iron. The Flat Iron Building at Broadway and 5th Avenue is not the first or the only triangle shaped building, but it is an iconic symbol of New York City as it is so recognizable.

Another View of the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Nighttime

Since it was my daughter’s birthday, she had dibs on what we would see on a one day venture in NYC. Now, I have taken several pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge, so it wasn’t really on my list of places…but well worth it. We trekked down through the Fulton Street area to the South Street Seaport. Such a sad and empty place after the effects of Hurricane Sandy, but we were able to climb up to the second story of the Seaport building and get a lovely evening view of the bridge…including a full moon…bonus!

The “Real” Macy’s


My daughter works at “a” Macy’s in our local area, but a trip to NYC meant a shopping trip to the “real” Macy’s. R.H. (Rowland Hussey) Macy founded the business in 1857, but the building at Herald Square was not constructed until after his death. Macy’s star logo is derived from a tattoo that Macy got as a teenager when he worked on a Nantucket whaling ship. Owners of Macy’s in the 1930’s convinced the President Franklin Roosevelt to change Thanksgiving from the last Thursday in November to the fourth Thursday, to extend the Christmas shopping season.

Minerva’s Owl in Herald Square

Herald Square Owl

Herald Square in NYC has been transformed into a tiny peaceful green space  in the heart of the surrounding busy shopping area of 34th Street. Herald Square is dedicated to the New York Herald newspaper, founded by James Gordon Bennett in 1835. An owl was on the original masthead of the newspaper. The Herald building (now demolished) had the statue, now located in Herald Square, of Minerva, her owls, and the bell-ringers on its roof.

A Day at the Museum

American Museum of Natural History

A recent visit to NYC included a stop at the American Museum of Natural History. The magnificent architecture was just as much a delight as the museum’s collections. The definition of a museum is “A building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.” Funny, after 140+ years the museum itself is an exhibit.

Over the Mountain to Williamstown

Taconic Winter Pano

Cold, grey, and January seemed to be the perfect combination for a day at the museum. I had heard about the Clark in Williamstown, MA for ages, but never made the trip until today. In addition to some great exhibits of classic art, I came away with an idea for our local Archives and Museum. At the border between Massachusetts and New York in the Taconics, is a pull off and trail head for the Hopkins Memorial Forest Ridge Walk. I was not dressed for hiking in 19 degree weather, but a few photos like this made it worth the stop. I’ll return for the hike when the the weather is more to my liking!