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Express Subway to Brooklyn

After meandering through Central Park, we decided to see Manhattan from across the river. We hopped on the “A” train at Columbus Circle which gave us an express ride to Brooklyn. When we popped out of the “hole in the ground”, it only took a moment to get our bearings…the Brooklyn Bridge was towering overhead. A quick walk down to the pier, found lots of activity on the East River, along with great views of Manhattan and the Bridge.


Escaping the Rat Race

This Fall’s trip to NYC was so much nicer than last year. It was a bit overcast, but no rain!! We found some great color in Central Park, and admired many of the statues and fountains. It appears a little quiet time on a bench in the park is the perfect respite from the fast-paced city life.

Seattle Skyline

My nephew’s wedding was to be in the Seattle area, so it made a perfect opportunity for a vacation to the Pacific Northwest. I had never been to that area, so it was a treat. Seattle is a great city! So vibrant with lots to do and see. If you are VERY lucky, when you go up in the Space Needle you see a phenomenal addition to the skyline…Mount Rainier…14,000 feet high and 80 miles away.

Putney Morning

An overnight stay at a friend’s farmhouse in Vermont had me on the pull out couch in the living room. There was a steady rain when we all went to bed, but in the early morning I woke up to a beautiful sky to the East coming in the window. Sunrise was in 20 minutes, and no one else was up, so after a quick shower and before coffee, I was out in the back yard with camera and tripod.

Mount Ascutney

I went to Vermont in September, a bit too early for brilliant color. My friend Dondo was determined to find me some great views, so we took a ride. Mount Ascutney provided magnificent panoramas in all directions on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. With a drive, not a hike to the top, I had nothing to complain about.