Pierce’s Hall

This beautiful brick building, in East Putney VT, known as Pierce’s Hall was erected in 1831, as a Methodist meeting house. In 1842, the Hall was sold to Leroy Pierce, “who used it for storage of corn, and kept sheep underneath the building.”  Around 1881, the building was refurbished for use as a meeting house.  The East Putney Community Club  used it as a community hall for many activities, and in the mid-1970s, a group of dancers started a regular dance there that has continued to the present, with monthly contra and square dancing events. The day I visited, the sun would not stay out for long, but I managed to capture a shot at the right time that shows off the locally made bricks and my favorite part…a pretty reflection in the window.



Organ by the Window

I had hoped to see some color leaves on my trip to Vermont, but I guess I was a week or 2 early. I do enjoy capturing photos of windows, and when I was admiring the organ inside the Old First Church in Bennington, the window was a bonus.

Vermont’s Sacred Acre

The cemetery adjacent to the Old First Church in Bennington, was given the title “Vermont’s Sacred Acre” by the VT Legislature. It is crowded with gravestones from the past 200+ years, including the poet Robert Frost. Both the Church and the Cemetery are landmarks of Old Bennington, which today, many travelers miss the opportunity to see with a highway by-pass that herds them “so efficiently” to their destination.

Vermont’s Colonial Shrine

The VT Legislature designated the Old First Church in Bennington as Vermont’s Colonial Shrine. The congregation, made up of those seeking religious freedom, was founded in 1762, and the church was constructed in 1806 at a cost of $8,000. The inside of the church has been maintained “religiously”, and is in beautiful condition today.

The Birthplace of College Football

I did my homework once I knew I was going to a football game at Rutgers University in New Jersey. I know enough football basics to follow a game, but I had never been to a game in person. Rutgers defeated Princeton in the first intercollegiate football game ever played in 1869. It established a tradition of quality football, competitiveness, and school spirit that permeates into anyone attending a game. Rutgers was the perfect place for me to attend my very first college football game. I am hooked 🙂