Team of Oxen


I don’t don’t if the humans were considered part of the team, but oxen are such large, slow moving animals, many times it took two men to get the team moving!


Draft Horse

Draft Horse

The draft horse was the more expensive, yet more efficient option for work animals on the farm in the 1800’s. Oxen were cheap labor, but the draft horses worked much faster, and were easier for one person to handle. As time progressed, and there was less labor on the farm to manage the animals, the horses were the animal of choice…until the tractor came along.

Hike to the Fireworks

Just above the Village of Altamont, is a little hike to a spot know as High Point. It is an easy 1 mile hike with lots to see…generally in the daytime, as the drop-off is extreme at the end of the trail. Fireworks at the Altamont Fair were announced, so what an opportunity. It is all in the timing, but I think I managed to get several good shots.