I really wanted a photo of the hydrangeas, but in the original shot they were buried behind all the red carnations. It’s amazing how you can end up with a picture you like with a little patience and a little software.


Driftwood Blooms

As we wandered through the museum, it was an unusual setting for some of the floral displays. Right next to the mastodon skeleton, was this piece of driftwood with some beautifully colored blooms. Changing the photo to black and white emphasized the interesting texture of the driftwood, and adding back the color for the flowers, made them that much more brilliant.


It was a full day in NYC, and we hit so many places. During the last hour, there was some time to kill before the bus home arrived, so a meander down to Times Square was not too far out of the way. I was amazed at the in your face electronic advertising presented by everything from Broadway shows, to restaurants, to the United States Armed Forces.  Now I know why New York is the city that never sleeps…there are too many lights on! 🙂