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I have learned that even the most ordinary picture can be rescued with a little tweakage. The software available to work with digital photography provides a wide range of settings. With lots of experimentation, a little patience, I made this interesting image out of grey skies November shot.


Warm November

This late November weekend, the weather was unusually warm, so I left the housework and yard work behind to take a little drive. I enjoy local hikes and have heard of the Huyck Preserve many times. What a treat to be outside wearing just a light sweatshirt instead of being bundled up in hats and mittens. I spent so much time taking different shots of this waterfall, there were some folks lined up behind me waiting their turn…lots of people had the same idea to get out and enjoy it while we can….

Learning New Software

After many months of using free photo editing software, I finally purchased Photoshop Elements. Many of the features are the same, but there is so much more…I can’t stop editing! Pictures that were just average, can be transformed. I love creating panoramic files as a truer reminder of the beautiful landscape views I’ve experienced.

Side Door

I have never seen the side door to a “house” look so impressive. The grounds of the Vanderbilt Mansion are beautifully maintained with a huge variety of trees and formal gardens. A visit in late Spring is something to look forward to. I am sure the owners wanted to get out and enjoy them in any direction.

Front Door

Every corner of the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park is magnificent. The front entrance is balanced by huge columns and ornate carvings. It did not strike me as being very inviting. Instead, the formal entry reminded me of the huge differences that exist between the classes.

View from the Top

I was quite surprised at how much color was still visible in the Catskills. The view from the top of the Ferncliff Forest fire tower provided this scene. The Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge contrasted nicely with the green, yellow, and orange colors still left behind…for now.