Morning Snow

I bought 2 new lenses while on a trip to NYC recently. I woke up this morning to a fresh snowfall, and felt like a kid at Christmas. So many photo opportunities for my camera with the new lenses. I love the images created by this lens…I can get the whole backyard in one picture!


Macro View

Recently, I purchased a macro lens for my camera. I need to get used to getting up close and personal with my subjects, whether they are flora or fauna. The overnight weather provided an opportunity to really “see” the snow.

Brooklyn Bridge

The third major stop on my recent tourist trek through NYC, was the Brooklyn Bridge. The rain was quite steady, it was getting quite dark, and I didn’t know quite where the bridge was in relation to my “current” location. The iPhone apps were of some assistance, but getting out a cell phone in the rain and wind in a strange city, was challenging. Just when it felt like time to call it quits, City Hall was in front of me, and I knew the bridge was on the other side. After getting that far, just had to walk at least part way…say to the first arch…yes, I got this picture, but I was whooped, and still had to get back to the subway ( as it turns out 3 subways), to get back to Penn Station for the ride home. Felt like a drowned rat…how appropriate for a trip to NYC!

911 Memorial

During a recent trip to NYC, I made the point to see the 911 Memorial. Visitors must reserve a timed pass ahead of time, and go through airport-like security, but it was worth the extra steps to experience this moving tribute. The memorial design encompassing the footprints of the 2 fallen towers, the infinite waterfalls, and all the names engraved and lighted, made for a reflective place, regardless of the weather, construction, and other city noise.

Grey Skies

I live only 150 miles New York City, but haven’t had the opportunity to play tourist there for many years. The only “problem” was the weather. The day was raw and damp , but it was a few and far between chance to go. I had never been to the Statue of Liberty, so it was a must see for this trip. She actually stood out quite impressively against the grey skies.

Great Feathers

At a nature conservatory, I found some unusual birds not native to the United States. One of the most colorful, was this Red-Crested Turaco, a native of Africa. They are so abundant in Africa that they are considered a pest, yet being able to see them up close and personal here in New York, was a real treat. The call of the Turaco sounds like “g’way”, which is why they are often referred to as go-away birds.