Triangle Reflection

Triangle Reflection

After descending from the summit of Whiteface Mountain, a roadside stop led to the discovery of a little pond with some interesting features. The fall colors at the base of the mountain were much more vibrant than at the rocky top. I had taken 175 pictures that day, and was ready for the ride home. Suddenly the reflection caught my eye. Not only was a triangle formed by the tree line and mountainside reflection, but the rock in the middle of the pond produced another triangle. I had photo number 176.


Exploring Someplace New

Explored someplace new this morning. Most of the ride was on roads I’d never traveled before, but I memorized the directions, and managed to get there with no map or GPS…just a hot cup of coffee and a pair of sunglasses. It was a bright sunny day, once the sun came up (it was an early start), but the trail and waterfall were in the shade. Great light for shooting photos, but it was quite chilly! At least it kept the bugs away 🙂

Ride from Camp

As summer is winding down, I reached the decision to give up “camp”. While it’s really a RV in a seasonal park, it has been a special place over the past few years. I have some wonderful friends and memories to keep with me always. One of the best parts of camp is the ride. Forget about the interstates and the “hurry up and get there” traffic along with everyone else. The ride is calm and relaxing with great scenery. There is a wonderful spot to pull off and find some beautiful vistas. I’ve stopped there several times to take pictures, but this morning’s ride home felt significant, and the view matched that feeling.

Local Sunset

Road trips make something so simple get so complicated. I feel the need to take a road trip to a place “worthwhile” to photograph. Finding the right time, the right weather, and the right company, introduces limitations that make the trips few and far between. The last long ride turned into a bust because of a change in the weather. Today, I just grabbed the camera on the spur of the moment, and drove 2 miles from home. The beautiful local sunset was there all along, waiting for me to discover it.

Chocolate Comfort Food

I admit it, I abuse chocolate syrup. But it is only occasionally, and I have my reasons. It isn’t just the syrup, it’s the ice cream underneath, too. A dish of coffee ice cream with chocolate syrup is comfort food for me. It takes me back to when I was very young. My brothers and sister were quite a bit older than me, so we didn’t have too much in common. My oldest brother got me hooked on this dessert combination, and whenever I have it, I think of him and growing up as the baby of the family…it was a sweet deal!