Wildflower or Weed?

I remember Queen Anne’s Lace as one of the first “flowers” I learned the name of, when I was a little girl. Several gardening websites consider it a wildflower, but the USDA calls it a noxious weed. Hmmm…sounds like Queen Anne needs a little PR for her lace.


I’d like you to meet Miss Chip

I started following a blog about life at a local farm. I went to visit during an open house at Wunsapana Farm (you’ll get it…just sound it out), and discovered it is not your average farm and certainly not your typical farmer. It is a hobby farm, and Teri loves to share the experience with everyone, in very special ways. The love and devotion she has for her animals, and her willingness to share, is inspiring. It permeates into everyone who visits. One of the coolest ways to experience the farm is through Llama Walks. You get to walk a llama on a lead, either through trails in the woods or just down the road. It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet people and learn about these fascinating creatures. Each llama has its own unique looks and personality…just like humans, now that I think about it. I enjoy the chance to connect one on one with a llama, and some days, I just need a hug.


When I was “between” houses and at loose ends, I tried to enjoy going for walks by myself. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t very enjoyable. Was I supposed to stop doing things because I was alone? Four months later, a new friend let me borrow a Nikon D50 SLR camera. I went back to the same places by myself, but with the camera. What a revelation! I truly enjoyed myself, and even managed to take some decent pictures…including this one.

Backyard Treasures

I moved into my house in December, and had no idea what treasures would appear come Springtime. A friend told me the previous owner had beautiful gardens, but every week has been a surprise for me. The variety of flowers started appearing fast and furious…all colors, shapes and sizes. It has been the perfect complement to my new hobby of photography.